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XSband is closed because of Liberation Day (4/5/2010)
Once every 5 years we celebrate Liberation Day on the 5th of May. Tomorrow is the day. Please send us an email with your enquiry. We will be back in office on Thursday to answer all your questions.
XSband is closed because of Ascension Day (11/5/2010)
In the Netherlands Ascension Day (13/5/2010) is a National Holiday and XSband is closed for the day. We will be back in office on Friday to answer all your questions.
XSband is closed because of Pentecost (21/5/2010)
In the Netherlands Pentecost (24/5/2010) is a National Holiday and XSband is closed for the day. We will be back in office on Tuesday to answer all your questions.
New printing technique for textile wristbands (15/1/2010)
XSband has developed a new printing technique for our textile wristbands with aluminum closure. This technique allows us to use full color designs. Design options are now almost unlimited. Of course we still deliver the woven wristbands if required.
Higher security with XSband tyvek wristbands (1/2/2010)
To prevent the copying of tyvek wristbands, XSband now adds an Invisible UV pattern on all printed wristbands. This is a special invisible print that only highlights under UV light (as used for checking banknotes). This can be implemented as an extra security check at your events. XSband adds this extra security free of charge on all printed tyvek wristbands.
XSBand & UPS

The shipping service of XSBand is totally integrated with UPS. Within minutes after you placed an order, you'll receive an email with a track& trace number. With this track&trace number, you can find the past and present whereabouts of a shipment, as it passes through on its way to your destination. You can find some answers on frequently asked questions about UPS below on this page. 

Three levels of service

Customers can choose between three different UPS service levels. Standard, express or express saver. With the UPS express or the UPS express saver levels in combination with the XSBand 24-hours production service the products will arrive within two or three working days. We have the following services availible:

UPS Express
UPS express saver
UPS standard

Collect on delivery (COD)

You can pay your orders with credit cards, but also you can choose to pay as the products are deliverd. UPS will attempt to collect the amount shown on the C.O.D. tag or package label, and then send the payment to XSBand. If UPS cannot collect the payment after three attempts, the package will be returned. Read more about the terms of service here:

Frequently asked questions shipping 

What is a tracking number? 

Tracking numbers are used by UPS to identify and trace packages and freight shipments as they move through the UPS system to their destination. UPS automatically assigns a tracking number to your shipment.  

The UPS tracking numbers of XSBand appear in the following format:

1Z 999 999 99 9999 999 9  

When will my UPS shipment arrive? 

In the U.S., Canada, and Europe, your UPS package cannot be scheduled to arrive at a specific time of day. UPS Ground packages are delivered anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. UPS Standard packages are delivered anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Up-to-date information about the status of your shipment is available in the Tracking section.  

What events are recorded about shipments? 

Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking label is scanned in the UPS delivery system. Common scans include the following:

Billing Information Received: UPS has received the electronic transmission of shipment detail from the shipper. It does not necessarily mean that UPS has taken possession of the shipment.

  • Origin: The shipment has been scanned at the origin UPS location.
  • Departure: The shipment has left its present location and is on its way toward the destination address.
  • Arrival: The shipment has arrived at an intermediate sort facility or the destination facility.
  • Out for Delivery: The shipment has reached the facility that is responsible for delivering the shipment. This is a shipment's last stop before delivery.
  • Delivery: The shipment has been delivered. The date and time of delivery is recorded.
  • Exception: If the shipment cannot be delivered or is delayed, the reason is noted. 
What does Rescheduled mean when checking the status of my shipment? 

The designation, Rescheduled, in the Status field of the Tracking Summary or Tracking Detail means that the delivery date has been changed, and the shipment should be delivered on the revised delivery date.  
What does Returned to Shipper mean when checking the status of my shipment?

The designation, Returned to Shipper, in the Status field of the Tracking Summary or Tracking Detail page means that the shipment was returned to the original shipper. Possible reasons for return include, but are not limited to:

  • Shipment being refused by the intended receiver
  • Physical address not able to be found by UPS
  • Unable to deliver after multiple delivery attempts
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